About Us


At its inception in 2007, Hope and Peace for Humanity was a motivational and inspirational experiences and partnership between 7 conflicts affected personalities. In May 2007, we became an independent not-for-profit making Community Based Organisation (CBO) under Gulu district community service department and NGO Forum registration. Noticing gaps in information on psychosocial support and community services, HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support, child rights and protection, trauma healing and education support for OVCs, women economic empowerment etc for Northern Uganda population who were living in the concentration IDP camps across Acholiland, HPH launched its flagship report, “Me and my Community” Youth Actions for Socioeconomic and Political Change, in March 2007 with assistance from Senior Community Development Officer in Gulu. This report provided a much-needed analysis of what youth inclusion in development in Northern Uganda is, how it is currently practiced and what value it could add to reducing conflict and HIV and AIDS impacts, justice and accountability processes especially during peace recovery, rehabilitation and redevelopment era. 

Hope and Peace for Humanity (HPH) is a registered Community Based Organisation (CBO) founded by highly committed and motivated volunteers to contribute towards a process of restoring hope, improving the quality of life of persons in post conflict communities of Northern Uganda particularly those affected and living positive with HIV and AIDS (PHAs), Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), Single Child mothers, Formerly Abducted Persons (FAPs), Persons with Disability (PWDs) and Extremely Vulnerable Individuals (EVIs) through Health promotion, Education and life skills, Economic Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurships, Livelihood and Food Security and Peace Building for a sustainable development for self-reliance. 


A Socio-economically empowered, Peaceful, Healthy, and Hopeful community with persons whose rights are recognised and upheld. 


We work towards empowering all persons affected by conflicts including those living positive with HIV and AIDS in Northern Uganda to take better control of their social and economic lives by ensuring their active participation in development activities. 


To reduce the impact and spread of HIV and AIDS and civil conflict by promoting awareness and the overall wellbeing of people through increasing access to quality health care, education, economic empowerment and peace building for self-reliance. 

Strategic Objectives:

  1. To increase health promotion/education and reduce incidences of HIV and AIDS amongst local population in Northern Uganda.
  2. To support access to quality OVC education through sponsorships and school supports.
  3. To promote livelihood & food security for economic independence and self-sustainability.
  4. To promote gender empowerment and peace building in Northern Uganda.

Since then, we have achieved significant impacts in the areas of understanding and implementing child rights and protection, OVCs education programming, HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and care and support services, community/public health and development, youth sexual reproductive health rights, justice and reconciliation practices, peace building and human rights work, women economic empowerments and youth social entrepreneurship/business skills training in Uganda. We have supported district local government at lower levels in child rights abuse/protection and human rights monitoring, documentation and reporting, governance, leadership and Accountability, quality assurances and effective service deliveries. In our advocacy, we have created awareness on the issues and difficulties facing children, persons with disabilities, women and girls and former combatants as they reintegrate into their communities. In our documentation, we have given communities and persons with traumatic experiences as a result of civil conflicts a space to tell their stories. In our reports, we have explicated how local resources can be used to create sustainable peace and development while applying legal international instruments in all our areas of interventions particularly how justice works in relation to National and International processes when rebuilding conflict affected communities of Northern Uganda.

HPH works in partnership with Gulu District Local Government and has been able to work with a number of organizations in the past, including Gulu district NGO Forum, USAID/SPRING Project, Tracy Foundation, UK, International Labour Organisation (ILO/Uganda), Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF), UK, Pathfinder International/Uganda, North South Cooperation Organisation (NSCO)/City of Vienna, Austria, and CEDA International/Uganda. HPH is also a member of many cluster working groups in the district and Country; Health and Education, GBV and Child Protection, Northern regional contact office for White Ribbon Alliance, Uganda Youth Network, Uganda Sports Alliance, and more through recent collaborations and partnerships with Global Fund for Children (GFC), USA, 6 secondary and 8 primary schools in Gulu district. 

HPH’s conviction that effective community development is a long-term process that will need to be grounded in local concerns and resources, inclusive participatory approach and expectations while working with and employing a rights based and holistic approaches to development, and in some instances led at community level, means that we are confident that a need for our work will continue for a number of years.

Hope and Peace for Humanity intends over the next five years to pioneer new understandings of how youth engagement and participation in all development interventions can be designed and implemented at a local level to maximize its impact in terms of accessibility, equity, social justice, reconciliation, peace-building and accountability. We aim to seek closure after conflict in Uganda and to develop tools for, and provide support to, local community development initiatives across the entire country and where need be in other parts of the Great Lakes region.

 HPH Values

  • Integrity and respect for humanity
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Commitment with humanity
  • Quality data management and record keeping