Education Program

The Northern Uganda conflict greatly affected the education sector with thousands of children missing out on opportunities for formal and non-formal education which is key in one’s career path and development and as an investment for better and improved standards of living.

Girls have been worst affected by the conflict and giving them a chance to rebuild their lives through access to formal and non-formal education is a priority for Hope and Peace for Humanity in the areas of education intervention. Education activities include;

  • Provision of scholastic educational material, school fees and text books for conflict affected girls at secondary and primary school levels.
  • Provision of career guidance counselling and mentorship programmes and as well as social entrepreneurship skills development training for secondary school girls and boys.
  • Provision of life skill trainings to in-school and out-of-school youths
  • Increase gender mainstreaming roles and education for OVC and Promote housing construction to extremely vulnerable individuals (child headed households, disabled persons, grandmother caretakers of children and children with disability).
  • Formation and support of educational clubs to enhance performance levels in schools
  • Community and school visits of conflict affected girls/OVC beneficiaries including organising education exchange learning visits for students and teachers
  • training of teachers and school management committees in education quality assurances and monitoring including modern management skills and leadership development
  • Library and class constructions in rural schools to increase enrolment and academic performance of students