Justice and Peace Building

The turbulent history of Uganda particularly Northern region provides the major basis for the development of the Justice and Peace Building program. The culture of violence that has resulted from such reality has generated the urgent need for concerted peace education in communities and institutions in order to create a culture of peace and greater appreciation for peaceful conflict resolution, human rights, democracy and good governance.

For Hope and Peace for Humanity; the justice and peace building program is an initiative that became meaningful only when it is rooted in the philosophy of “working with” especially the social setting of the communities. HPH strives to multiply and empower local peace builders to work towards attaining a just, peaceful, united and prosperous community development.

  • Promotion of peace building activities in Northern Uganda beginning with an individual, to family, community and nation as a whole.
  • Community mobilization, sensitization and awareness creation on peaceful coexistence in particular to discourage the feelings of revenge amongst the population in Northern Uganda.
  • Promotion of human rights through advocacy.
  • IEC/BCC material development & dissemination.
  • Cultural & institutional trainings on peace & conflict mediations.
  • Formation of youth peace clubs in schools & colleges, child/human rights advocacies.
  • Formation and support of child rights and debating clubs in primary and secondary schools.
  • Promote increased peace building & conflict mediation/management using the culturally acceptable structures.