Volunteers play significant roles in development programmes thus HPH promotes community volunteerism through skills and experience sharing. Students from learning institutions and those with professional qualifications across the globe are given opportunities to take leading roles in community development works. This also applies to community stakeholders to take part in community work that equips them with practical skills for sustainable socioeconomic development. International volunteers are also encouraged to come and empower minds and hearts to change the community they will choose to work with. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Through volunteerism Hope and Peace for Humanity looks to foster a sense of solidarity by encouraging people across society to bring about positive change in their global and local communities. Founded on the idea of solidarity, HPH volunteer programme that transcend geographical, cultural and professional boundaries, instead uniting people through common purpose to alleviate the scourge of human suffering. Volunteering is about giving up your time, contributing your skills and standing in solidarity with others. It empowers all people, young or old to participate in efforts to make a lasting, positive change to society.

Volunteers are valuable human resources to Hope and Peace for Humanity that always directly contributes to the achievement of the organisation’s mission. HPH motivates and supports its volunteers through the personal approach (understanding them, recognition, equal access, giving back, thanking and rewarding but above all making them feel at home. Group and peer support, support through training and participation and professional development etc.